A picture really is worth a thousand words – especially when that picture is a GIS integrated website.gis viewer screen shot 1

Contract Land Staff’s CLSLiNK GIS Viewer combine powerful web-mapping solutions and database tools. Through the use of an Advanced Enterprise GIS System, CLS integrates GIS Data from various sources into a single comprehensive Spatial Database. Our web-mapping tools leverage the resulting Spatial Database, enabling users to visualize patterns, understand relationships, and analyse trends.

Secure Digital Mapping Websites

Through the use of the CLSLiNK GIS Viewer, users can access routes, mileposts, easements, crossings, and parcels, as well as record important information regarding projects or operations. Our mapping solution provides you with a highly accurate picture of your land assets and important related features such as boundary lines, utilities, waterways, roads, environmentally sensitive areas, and more.

Customize Your Digital Map

CLS’s GIS web-mapping solution assembles, stores, manipulates, and displays geographically referenced information, providing real-time access to your supporting databases. Through CLS’s secure, web-map viewer you can:

  • Create interactive queries and generate customized reports
  • View an assortment of layers including parcels, easements, environmental, engineering, and survey
  • Integrate nation-wide map services, and various online base maps
  • Locate, sort, and analyze parcels and layers
  • Calculate spatial information
  • Export information in a variety of commonly used formats

For CLSLiNK users, we can incorporate real-time information from your project’s database such as appraisals, leases, permits, budgeting, surveys, titles, and more.

No GIS Experience Necessary

With CLS’s web-based GIS tools, you don’t need to be a GIS expert, nor do you need GIS software on your computer. All you need is an Internet connection and CLS as your GIS Mapping partner.CLS’s GIS solutions tie your critical data to a powerful visual representation of the entire project. This ability to visualize a project’s layers has proven to be a powerful tool for in-depth analysis – allowing field staff and office personnel to collaborate and share land related project data.

Other GIS Services

CLS provides clients with a range of services to develop integrated GIS solutions. Using our extensive background with land management, we can assist clients with developing their own GIS systems. Specific GIS services include:

  • Needs assessments
  • Routing and Feasibility Studies
  • Database design & models
  • Implementation strategies
  • Data conversion
  • Web-mapping applications
  • Mobile data applications
  • System evaluations
  • ArcGIS Server & ArcSDE installation