Right of Way Project and Asset Management

Contract Land Staff’s (CLS) entrance into the Right of Way technology arena started years ago out of necessity. As the complexity of our land asset and project management needs grew, we searched for an “off the shelf” gis viewer screen shot 2technology solution that contained all the tools we needed. Realizing thatgis viewer screen shot 2 the software we wanted did not yet exist, we set out to create our own Right of Way technology solution. CLS’s resulting systems combine state-of-the-art technology with years of hard-earned Right of Way experience.

CLSLiNK® and CLSLiNK GIS® Viewer currently manage:

  • Over 3,000 miles of active right of way acquisition projects
  • More than 27,000 miles of right of way assets
  • More than 740,000 documents
  • More than 450,000 tracts

At present, we have over 1674 Viewer and 386 CLSLiNK licensed users of our technology and we are adding more each day.

First created in 1996 as Powertrak, our state-of-the-art Right of Way Project and Asset Management Technology Solution provides users with sustainable data throughout the life of the project and into operational mode with real-time reporting of current project status, Right of Way line lists, title and other documents, payment and budget information and the capability to capture and report on all contacts with project stakeholders. This industry leading software solution, used by many Fortune 500 companies in the pipeline, utility, electric transmission, public transportation, rail, water, solar and wind generation, and telecommunications industries allows for capture, analysis and reporting of traditional and geospatial data in real time. We have leveraged 30 years of experience on literally tens of thousands of miles of new Right of Way acquisition projects to create this solution.

CLS’s Technology team is comprised of information solution experts, software programmers, designers, technology trainers, hardware and software experts, application developers, data mining engineers, network adminstrators, and information security professionals.

CLSLiNK can be licensed via our SaaS or Enterprise models for both your projects and operations and maintenance needs.

Contact us today to find out how to put CLS’s Right of Way experience to work solving your technology challenge.