Technology Solutions for Land & Asset Management
Software + Service = Solutions
Know your stakeholders and community relations
CLSLiNK® helps you track all stakeholders, communications, meetings, mailouts, issues, and resolutions.
Assets and ROW
Know your assets and land
CLSLiNK® maps your assets and land so that you can view and update info quickly for operations and maintenance.
Never miss a payment
CLSLiNK® manages your payment budgeting, scheduling, notification, processing, reporting, and reconciliation. Never miss a payment!
Land Rights
Know your rights
CLSLiNK® helps you research your rights in seconds.


Technology for Land & Asset Management

Get connected to your data. Can you…

  • Enter data directly through your map?
  • View and run any custom report you can imagine?
  • Answer all your land management questions in one place?
  • Take your data with you wherever you go?


Dedicated to Your Success

Our success depends on your success.

  • Support through 100% of our relationship
  • Solution implementation and project management
  • Report design & creation
  • Data imports from other systems
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Custom software feature development
  • ROW data management, staffing & consultation
  • GIS data creation, management, hosting & consulting