Never miss another payment. With our payment tracking solution users can get email notifications of upcoming payments to make. Use the payment batch process to pay everyone within a defined time frame and send this request to your payments department. Also track the payment history and any changes to payees as property changes hands while your obligation to pay does not.


Assets & ROW

Visualize your assets and right of ways using an interactive web based map viewer. Not only can you see your assets but parcels, right of way strips, structures, vegetation, or any other GIS layer can be easily accessible via our CLSLiNK Maps. No more looking at paper based maps as this web based viewer allows access 24/7 in a simple an easy to use interface. Users will also have access to land owner contact information, notes between project representative and other parties as well as viewing any uploaded document such as easements or permits.


Project Status

Using the CLSLiNK portal dashboards project managers can quickly view the current state of any of their projects. View metrics on Survey Permissions, Acquisition status, or any status or task the project needs to track to know the project’s health. See dynamic layers that show tracts shaded with different colors to represent the different project status that are being tracked.



Quickly add any stakeholder to your project by using the CLSLiNK application. Capture and notate a discussion or meeting request by stakeholders. Track your mail out initiatives and ensure all your stakeholders are notified. Create and track issues to ensure they are resolved and then print out reports to show your actions and resolutions.


Land Rights

Go beyond simply scanning your documents, capture your document’s data and never have to do another due diligence review! Track any type of right, provision, or term you’ve promised a landowner and be able to print this on an exhibit report. Visualize these terms on a map to help make routing or commercial decisions.