Solution Implementation & Support

You have selected our solution, now it’s time to execute. Our implementation and delivery team will partner with you to perform and guide you through system configuration, user permissions, data migration, custom report and feature development, and training. You will have everything you need to use our solution successfully when you go live.


Data Imports/Exports

As with the selection of most technology solutions there is always some data to migrate. Whether it is data from a spreadsheet, MS Access database, SQL Server or Oracle database the general migration or conversion process is the same. Through many years and many more data migrations we have standardized our data migration to provide you with confidence and assurance that your data will be intact in our solution.


Custom Report Design and Development

Reports can be viewed as the culmination of your data capture work and data integrity. We understand this well so we leverage Microsoft’s SSRS reporting platform. This platform provides the ability to have parameterized dashboard reports and formatted reports, which allows for an almost unlimited view or your data. Whether it is predicting trends or managing payment information our reports are available 24/7. Rest assured we understand that it is your data; you have complete control and access to your data at any time via our reporting solution.


Programming Services

Our team of business analysts, software engineers, and data analysts are ready and able to enhance our solution to meet your particular needs. We understand that you need features that are pertinent to your business process and that a commercial off the shelf solution may not meet every need. Many companies today want to share and leverage their departmental data with the rest of the company. Integration with systems serving other disciplines is common place so let us help you meet and accomplish that goal.


Land and ROW Records Management

Leveraging our CLSLiNK platform our team of experts is able to provide a holistic records management solution. Our knowledgeable in-house staff can create, maintain and report on any of your asset’s land information, document rights, payment information, ownership information, and other related land and right of way data. Our staff can supplement or serve as your virtual right of way team, VROW®.


GIS Data Management & Services

Our GIS Services combine powerful desktop mapping tools with an enterprise class database. Through the use of Esri’s ArcGIS platform, CLS can integrate GIS Data from various sources into a single comprehensive spatial database. Our GIS tools, spatial databases and queries enables users to visualize patterns, understand relationships, and analyse trends.