cls1Contract Land Staff (CLS) values and understands the need for training, and has formalized many professional training sessions and developed curriculums, along with a variety of Right of Way business related modules for many companies including our own. Leading these endeavors is the CLS Professional Development Institute (PDI) whose mission is to provide the best in Right of Way training for Public and Private sectors – Electric, Utilities, Pipeline, Transportation, Renewables, etc.
The truth is that no one learns about Right of Way in college. Much, if not all Right of Way experience is learned on the job. So how do you ensure that you have Right of Way professionals working for you? You start by calling CLS.  
Each of our instructors is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in their own right with many years of real Right of Way experience and well-honed skills. In addition, our highly experienced Project Directors, Project Managers and other specialists are available to train agents ‘on the ground’ and as needed through the life of their Projects. Classes can be conducted at CLS corporate offices in Sugar Land, Texas, on-site at project or client offices throughout the U.S., IRWA Region and Chapter meetings, International Conferences, or at other locations as requested.
Contact Sonja Goodwin, PDI Director, at or 281-404-6336 to secure your place in an upcoming session or to create a custom training program for your organization.