farmer handshakeAs the right of way land acquisition process has become more challenging, reaching a satisfactory and equitable agreement for both clients and property owners requires a deft negotiator. One that can balance a client’s budget and timeline with community relations… One that recognizes that every impression they make with landowners directly affects the client’s reputation…  One that is empathetic and courteous, yet firm… And one that possesses a deep understanding of the entire Right of Way acquisition process.

That deft negotiator is Contract Land Staff (CLS). CLS has extensive experience in negotiating on behalf of our clients. For more than two decades, we’ve acted as our client’s advocate to reach fair and equitable settlements with thousands of property owners, lease holders, and interest holders all across the U.S. And along the way, we’ve helped build positive relationships with both property owners and community leaders.

CLS’s negotiators are experts in Right of Way issues and will meet with landowners wherever necessary. They methodically document and record every step in the negotiation process so that should litigation become necessary, the client has a written record of all conversations pertaining to the acquisition of the contested property.

Every successful negotiation comes down to trust. Trust that the price is fair. Trust that the negotiations are ethical. And trust that the negotiator is honest.

You can trust CLS to be your good faith negotiator.