Project Training Includes:

  • Learning the Basics of Negotiation
  • Organizing a Right of Way Acquisition Interview Adult Ed - Electricity
  • Good Faith Negotiations & Landowner Relationships
  • Alterative Dispute Resolution vs. Condemnation
  • Advance Negotiation Techniques
  • When to Negotiate – When to Bargain
  • Developing a Right of Way Negotiation Game Plan
  • The Art of Persuasion in Negotiations
  • ROW Project Time Management & Organization
  • Understanding Project Phase Work – An Overview
    • Preliminary – Tax Maps/Tax Cards
    • Surveys – Permitting, Civil, Environmental, and Cultural
    • Routing Changes
    • FERC Process & Procedures
    • Acquisition Processes – Contact Notes, Construction Questionnaires, Easements, Compensation
    • Construction Issues – Damages, Monitoring, Clean-Up Releases
    • Mortgage Subordinations
    • File Close Outs / Audits

All CLS employees are encouraged to become a part of IRWA including taking the various courses offered across North America. Classes can be conducted at CLS  offices, on-site at project offices, client offices, IRWA Region and Chapter Meetings and Conference, or at other locations as requested.

For more information on any Right of Way Project Training courses, contact