The Right of Way Certificate Program was developed in collaboration between Contract Land Staff’s Professional Development Institute and the University of Houston Downtown.

The first of its kind, the Program focuses on the Private sector of the industry and taught by highly experienced Right of Way professionals. This certificate will provide those interested in entering the Right of Way profession a vehicle to enhance their skills and improve their chances of joining this exciting field.

The curriculum consists of six modules, each module consisting of two classes. The Certificate will be awarded by the University of Houston Downtown.

Course modules include:  

Module One – Principles
  • Right of Way and the Energy Industry: The Facts, The Challenges, The Needs (8 hrs)
  • Steps and Stages of Projects (8 hrs)
Module Two – Projects
  • Electric Projects: Transmission & Distribution (8 hrs)
  • Pipeline Projects: Oil & Gas Products (8 hrs)
Module Three – Scope
  • Shale Projects: Gold Rush Fever in Right of Way Today (4 hrs)
  • A Career in Right of Way (4 hrs)
  • Good Faith Negotiations & Landowner Relationships (8 hrs)
Module Four – Title
  • Title Part I: Understanding Ownership, Research Process and Assembling Title Files (8 hrs)
  • Title Part II: Legal Descriptions, Plotting Field Notes, Due Diligence (8 hrs)

Module Five – Technology & Documentation

    • Documents-Documents-Documents: The Variety and Necessity in Right of Way (8 hrs)
    • Technology Solutions: Data Management, GIS & the Cloud (8 hrs)
Module Six – Laws & Appraisals
        • Real Estate Law and Right of Way (8 hrs)
        • Appraisals & Right of Way (8 hrs)

For more information on the Right of Way Certificate Program visit:

The University of Houston Downtown

College of Business – Right of Way Certificate Program

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