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Fast and easy ROW data management
CLSLiNK is a web portal built to keep you connected to your ROW projects, map, and land data.

One web portal for all your ROW data and maps


Project Management

Track status, plan feasibility, stakeholder outreach, tax cards, title, survey, environmental survey, permitting, acquisition, negotiations, construction…


Land and ROW Management, O&M

Quickly find agreements and rights, renewal alerts, never miss a payment, forecast budgets, due diligence…


ROW Database

One database secures all your agreements, people, assets, land, rights, payments…


Maps, Maps, Maps

Assets, alternative routes, right of way strips, parcels, roads, crossings, facilities, structures, vegetation, analysis…


Mobile – ROWver®

Status reports in your hand, maps in the field, activity notes on the spot, digital documents, update contact info, real time status updates, field photos…



Project summary charts, regulatory requirements, line lists, budget forecasts, data QA, mail out address lists, rights reviews, payments due, contact notes, expiring documents, asset summary…