In the Right of Way – experience is everything.

CLS’s Leadership Team is comprised of skilled and seasoned professionals who are known industry wide for their expertise, creativity, and ability to solve “unsolvable” Right of Way problems. Leveraging their combined years of experience, CLS’s Leadership Team fosters a collaborative environment in which everyone works together to develop the most innovative and efficient solutions to today’s Right of Way industry challenges.

And since CLS still believes in “hands-on” management, you’ll always have a member of the Leadership Team assigned to oversee your project with CLS – from beginning to end – no matter the duration.


Contract Land Staff Board of Managers

In 2008, one of the nation’s oldest and most successful private equity firms – Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. (HKW) – made a significant investment in CLS. This infusion of capital from HKW has rapidly propelled our growth across all of North America, allowing us to invest in and develop new Right of Way technologies, expand the array of services we offer, and hire additional top–notch talent.


CLS Officers
Brent Leftwich – President and CEO
Halet Murphy – Chief Financial Officer
Kerry Malone – Senior Vice President, Projects
Rosie Dawson – Senior Vice President, Title Services
Dr. Mazie Leftwich, Psy.D – Senior Vice President, Professional Development Institute (PDI)
Chris Thompson – Senior Vice President, Canada
Lesley Buentello – Senior Vice President, Human Resources
David Martin, Esq.– Senior Vice President, Special Projects
Phil Pack, B.S.M.E.  – Senior Vice President, Projects
Lori Bible – Senior Vice President, Public Sector
Leon Law – Vice President, Client Services Technology Solutions
Teri Cameron – Vice President, Marketing
Doug Holley – Vice President, Projects
Robert Roberts, Esq. – Vice President, Contracts & Facilities
Bruce Trepl – Vice President, Projects
Michael Cummings – Vice President, Projects
Liz Babcock – Vice President, Projects and CLS Safety Officer
Mike Brantley – Vice President, Projects
Ed Trapp – Vice President, Electric Projects
Beth Minear, Esq. – Vice President & Project Management Strategist


Just as important as our Leadership Team, CLS’s outstanding field employees are known for their commitment and dedication. In an industry known for “body shops,” independent, and contract employees, CLS has attracted the best people, often our former clients, by offering exceptional employee benefits, top industry pay, extensive training, and a supportive and rewarding environment encouraging teamwork and dedication. Rigorous interviewing, screening, drug testing, evaluation of on-the-job performance and careful assessment of each individual client’s needs further insure consistent quality service.