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CLS Appoints Darin Hittle as President and CEO

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS (Jan. 18, 2018) – Contract Land Staff, LLC (CLS), a leading national provider of right of way and land management services, announced today the appointment of Darin Hittle as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hittle is a tenured operational leader and has spent the majority of his career in the energy industry. He brings over a decade of senior management and business development experience, most recently in leadership roles at the Wood Group and LW Survey Co. “We are truly excited to welcome Darin to CLS,” said Jimmy Lee, Board Member of CLS. “Darin has deep experience and an impressive track record of growing field service organizations in our industry.

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CLS ROW Therapy – Principle # 6 of the Happiness Advantage

The 20-Second Rule shows us a practical way to develop good habits in a way that significantly increases our chances of sticking with it. Surely you ‘ve experienced the frustration of making up your mind to start doing something new—going to yoga classes, riding your bike, eating healthier, going to the gym, practicing guitar, eliminating carbs from your diet, doing the dreaded task first when you get to the office, etc. It seems that even with the best intentions and knowing fully the real advantages of making the change, it doesn’t take long before the good intentions and the new efforts slip away, getting lost in the busy-ness of your everyday life.

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Elevating Standards of Practice

The world of right of way consulting services continues to evolve and grow. Project work ebbs and flows, making it harder to keep staffing at the right level on any given day. Increasingly, client companies and public agencies are facing retirements among key staff. The need for an influx of new staff clearly demonstrates that the demand for quality consulting service companies is on the rise.

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The Case for Contract Standardization

When you walk into any McDonald’s around the world, you know what to expect. If you ordered a Big Mac and got a sandwich instead of a burger, you’d be confused—and probably disappointed. That consistency of product and brand is the cornerstone of the McDonald’s business strategy, and one of the main reasons why it is ranked seventh on the Forbes list of most powerful brands.

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