Contract Land Staff (CLS) has the experience and technology to help make your wind and solar siting & leasing, as well as any associated transmission project land needs, a success.wind-and-solar-energy-6CLS has been providing comprehensive land management services to our clients nationwide for 30 years. We can help you protect your investment by providing the expertise and quality land services your project deserves. CLS is a full-service provider for all your wind, solar and transmission land management needs. We understand the challenges you are facing and how important it is to have the right partner on board to ensure a successful project. We can be
that partner. Your success is our success.
CLS offers:
• Web-Based GIS & Digital Mapping
• Siting & Routing Feasibility Studies
• Full-Scale Land Acquisition Project Management
• Land Asset Management Solutions
• Right of Way & Easement Acquisition
• Acquisition of Real Estate Property Rights
• Virtual Right of Way Department (VROW®) Outsourcing
• Title & Research Services
• Training & Course Development
• Interconnection Agreements
• Transmission Agreements
• Crossing Agreements
• Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
• Management Level Consulting Services
• Acquisition and Divestiture Due Diligence
• In-House Staffing
CLS has the expertise and responsiveness to act quickly to meet your deadlines. We’ve created flexible combinations of services designed to meet multiple project requirements and to overcome challenges. By applying new processes, methodologies and techniques we are well suited to take the proactive approach to solving project challenges and deliver your projects on time. Our value-based dedication to the highest quality of consulting and land management services continues to place us as the leader in the industry.