Securing Right of Way for your pipeline is a labor intensive, time-consuming, and expensive process.

Industrial pipe with gas and oil

To ensure the success of your Right of Way project, you need a partner at the helm that truly understands the complexities involved in land acquisition …You need a partner that can streamline your Right of Way processes and procedures, yet still be flexible enough to creatively solve any spontaneous challenges … A partner with a laser-sharp customer focus … A partner that enhances the abilities of your in-house team.

Contract Land Staff (CLS) is that partner!

From project pre-planning, Right of Way route selection, feasibility studies, stakeholder meetings, survey oversight, acquisition, construction support, damage settlements and post project analysis and reporting, CLS offers an end-to-end solution for every land management and Right of Way need. At CLS, we do what it takes to get the job done. And we do it right the first time.

CLS offers a full range of Right of Way acquisition and land asset management services and brings unique qualifications to your pipeline projects:

  • Valuable small and large project planning, management and project execution experience.
  • Comprehensive set of project management procedures developed by CLS that are customized with the client.
  • Project proven GIS integrated Right-of-Way project management software, CLSLiNK, for 24/7 project status reporting, so that each client can view their project through a secure environment. This includes access to all data, maps and a variety of reports.
  • Virtual Right of Way Department (VROW), your land management records team, to assist in project data management needs.
  • Strong management and project teams with extensive industry experience.
  • Strong focus on agent training and employee development through the CLS Professional Development Institute.

CLS has been involved in planning, managing and executing hundreds of Right of Way acquisition and land management projects throughout North America.

Maximize your project’s success and contact CLS at or call 281-240-3370.