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Right of Way Acquisition

We act as an advocate for our clients to reach fair and equitable settlements with property owners, lease and interest holders.

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Technology Solutions

CLSLiNK® is a powerful Web-based, GIS-enabled solution for successfully managing land assets.  rowver - transparent

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From the company’s inception, we have specialized in mobilizing Right of Way personnel expeditiously and efficiently to project locations throughout the country.

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Virtual Right of Way

before vrow
Before Virtual Right of Way®

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After Virtual Right of Way®

Contract Land Staff’s (CLS) Virtual Right of Way® Department  (VROW) is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for total land records and project management.   

With CLS’s Virtual Right of Way Department, you can outsource all or part of your land records management to CLS on an ongoing basis.  If you have downsized or simply don’t have the Right of Way expertise you need in-house, CLS can operate as your Right of Way Department any time you need it and in any capacity you need it  – saving you the time and expense of hiring your own staff. CLS provides you with a vast array of management and business consulting services as well as the fully-rounded, experienced personnel necessary to operate an in-house Right of Way Department. Operating as an extension of your team, our Virtual Right of Way Department exponentially expands your capabilities - essentially turning your one person department into a team of hundreds.
  CLS’s Virtual Right of Way Department provides you with:

  • A team of experienced land consultants at your disposal to manage and assist with project management, operations, integrity work, landowner requests, angis screen shot 4d records management.
  • Maintenance and management of hard files and data records through CLSLiNK or your own database.
  • Instant electronic access for office and field personnel to all of your land documents through a virtual Windows desktop with full MS Office Productivity Suite including CLSLiNK or any other project specific software.
  • Efficient project management associated with daily operations, operational maintenance on Right of Way identification of encumbrances, pipeline integrity support, DOT notification compliance, draft accounting and more.
  • An enhanced ability to meet regulatory compliance needs.
  • Approved document production (easements, subordination, settlement agreements, survey permits – any Right of Way or land documents).
  • Better management of your projects and resources.

Take control of your land records management today with CLS’s Virtual Right of Way Department!